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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


 Everything in this peculiar world                                            
Has a tendency to become 
More and more humanlike. 
Soon store dummies will be 
Needing yearly check-ups, 
And wig head stands 
Will be requiring chiropractic. 
I always had a deep distrust 
Of things that looked human, 
And pretended to be inanimate anyway. 
Why did they have to look so alive, 
If they had no warm flesh or coursing blood- 
Living beings have blood that sings 
To other living beings and it remembers 
The consciousness it nourishes. 
The flowing blood is a fingerprint; 
A time stamp of being 
That permits no perjury.


  1. Wow, this goes under my favorites.Very insightful...freaky picture...philosophical and thoughtfully provocative.

  2. There was a line in here that nourished MY conciousness...for about all of great one to be sure ...comforting to know some people will never be forgotten...

  3. It's the question posed by the visionary writer P.K. Dick. I like this a lot H. though the welcoming picture made me gasp a bit, I long standing hatred of dolls.