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Monday, February 15, 2010

In another galaxy far away..

In another galaxy far away,                                                                
We humans are the orderly mannequins of society;
Standing in store front windows of every city,
Holding perfectly still, for endless hours 
Of standing upright, straight and unwavering, 
Through the hours of both darkness and light,
Since the malls there never close down.

We are the exotic, ideal look, as far as the aliens are concerned;
Whether large or small; that whole predatory/prey aura thing
That we carry about us, with our front-facing eyes,
Our canine incisors, claws and strong hind-leg muscles;
Our ability to move fast, or over long distances.
We even have rudimentary grasping fingers on our feet, of all things.
Our heads of lustrous hair are the envy of all aliens.
Our penchant for rare meat, and intoxicating fermented beverages-
It all screams out 'danger' to the aliens, who seem excited 
By the novelty of it; of finding themselves in such close proximity 
To beings who have not left behind their rustic manner of life,
While the aliens had evolved to a peaceful co-existence,
Practicing moderation in all things, of course;
And multiple levels above us, in understanding and intellect.

But they seemed to feel they had lost their connections, 
To the roots, of all animal life, they too were descended from,
While humans still bear signs of our unbroken close relationship, 
With earlier, primitive forms of man, and so are regarded 
With wonder, by all aliens. 

But just wait, till they see our procreative action.

1 comment:

  1. I have oftem wondered what aliens thought of I know...and it is refreshing....