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Monday, February 22, 2010

Your Eyes Are Two Lean Wolves

Your eyes are two lean wolves                              
Who want to slowly tear me apart, limb by limb
Your eyes are the voice of the lost infant
Crying for a savior in the wilderness
Your eyes are the sky in eclipse
Begging for the moon to move aside
Your eyes are brilliant floodlights
Illuminating me from the inside out
Your eyes are twin suns in a remote universe
Removing the shadows from every place of refuge
Your eyes are the trap door I climb in through
Your eyes are the last thing I see.


  1. Well...there's nothing like a lean wolf to lean on....but if you have're doubly blessed...The energy in this one is PACKed like a wolfpack in a thimble

  2. All the power and vulnerability of men and women are to be found in their eyes as you have so powerfully captured here.