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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In ritual evil gets it's ego stroked

In ritual, evil gets it's ego stroked;

Fires attended in brassy censors,
Choking on expensive foreign smoke;
Incense from a dead god's pagoda.
Evil lives because we do not mind it;
We find it necessary to find a balance:
A world half in fire, and half in ice;
Good and evil held in a chalice.

In evil, man gets his karma coded;
Fires which started in his spinning core.
All his idols and statues got melted
So he sits and stares at a tattered mandala:
Though meditation gave him indigestion,
And worry beads worried too much.
He's not the sort to mind temptation;
He sits to wait for emancipation.

In man, abstraction has reached it's limit;
He's the whole world, and it's in him.
Enlightenment comes in a single minute;
His mind like wispy smoke spiraling upwards,
For questions always are answer seeking,
And answers elusive as desert rain:
The freedom you seek was never in death,
But free and invisible, as each breath.


  1. Such excellent commentary on the human condition. It reminds me of the saying: "Evil thrives when good men do nothing."

  2. Grappling with thoughts as universal as these as well as you do is why you are an exceptional poet...and this an exceptional poem. I have been studying Faulkner lately (specifically "As I Lay Dying" )and realize that he deals with these grand themes in his prose the way you do in your poems. Well done fellow poet.