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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Words We'll Never Say

I glow hot dust in vaunted byways of time;
Sing, fly my crashed divinity, to lonely mountain highs

Stray-syllabled tambourines, washed up on salty oceans
I pull, push, grasp at life, while swayed by false emotions

Human to the core, I machine-wave fickle brain;
Photographic ironies of the soul, forgotten brave

Breathe through scorching lungs, the holy sensate gases
Colder still the epitaphs of anomalous trespasses

Muscles unhinged, and eyes stealing light from day
Derail the tongue's perimeters, with words we'll never say.


  1. Your poetry is getting soooooooo strong I fear it will fling me into outer space....where I have heard thereis so little air to breathe and possibly little of your poetry too...on second thought maybe there is more...perhaps that is its origin in some wowful other world..where words do more than stick to pages. This is very know that ...right? If you have any trouble with them let me know and I'll put a good word in for you...

  2. I love this. This is crazy amazing.