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Friday, January 22, 2010

That day you opened up your veins

That day you opened up your veins
We thought you were trying
To give away your soul to us
So we might have left you there too long:
No one wanted to disturb
All that pretty, florid richness, bubbling out
And it left a beautiful paisley imprint
As looking out, through your stained glass,
We could see the world bleeding out too:
Division, disappointment, greed;
Great running rivulets, of time's acid bath
But we've sugar-coated it over now
Sliding around, falling over each other
Touching our fingers, to our mouths,
Never sure who's stinging fire of blood

We're tasting; there's been so many since-
Even the fountains spray blood now,
Like wine, of the new transmutation;
And sitting rulers bathe in it,
Hoping for good luck, eternal life, balance of yin and yang,
Your name, as magic eight ball, lucky rabbits foot;
While we slink around, fingers to our lips
Waiting for the day your blood finally finds it's voice
And begins to scream out loud.


  1. Wow! This is stunning piece, heart-piercingly real. I was gripped from start to finish.

  2. I lived inside this poem of yours for a time then for times and a half...then lost track of time...thought I understood it...realized I didn't....turned to leave then found myself still inside....this is what poetry should do to thinking feeling it seems to me.