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Saturday, January 30, 2010

In Aubergine Ochers

In aubergine ochers I painted your eyes,
And smiles that your smooth lips would wear in disguise.
Eclipsed by the dark of your eyes, are my dreams;
Your words floating round, that my own being sings.
In time I would learn all your body's warm contours,
Or could touch the whole length of your form, sans detours.
I know I must stay very far from your face,
Otherwise I'd devour you, with but one taste.

Let no tears ever fall, from you for me;
I could never withstand that tragedy;
Your pity would turn my world inside-out,
And all self control and discipline rout.
I can safely live here only at distance,
With all your compassion still just a pittance.
Don't lift your hand; don't touch my ice-
Unless you are willing to pay full price.


  1. "don't touch my ice-"...


  2. I love the musical cadences of the opening stanza - they invite the reader in to the experience of this piece. I love the idea of aubergine ochres. Perfect.

  3. I want to say that this piece combines all the arts at once........painting quite a picture to a marvelous tune chosing words like a is orchestral in nature...and carrying emotional content carefully as in a small fleece-lined basket...peering in from time to time just to make sure the precious cargo is ok....I love it like a favorite pet...maybe a puppy....*wink*